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Whether you have lost your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in a fraudulent investment or scam, because you’ve forgotten your password, or because of problems with your storage, you may fear that your coins are lost forever.

The good news is, there is hope– you just need to get the right help. Bitcoins, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies can often be recovered even in the most complex of circumstances if you have the right team working for you. Efunds Recoverys is the team you need!

Our Services

Forgotten Wallet Passwords

If you forget or misplace your password, the funds are completely inaccessible. We help you to access many different wallets when you've forgotten your password.

Cryptocurrencies transferred to an invalid address

If your virtual coins were accidentally sent to the wrong address or were never received by the recipient, we can help to recover them.

Wallets in watch only

When your wallet is inaccessible because it is in watch only, we assist you in solving the problem and gaining access to your stored funds.

Fraudulent or scammed

Have you been scammed by a broker or investing platform? We can help you track and recover all cryptocurrencies lost to fraudsters. Be it an ivestment platform, broker or


If the computer or device with your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is infected, let us help you to try to clear the virus without putting your bitcoin cash in jeopardy.

Deleted data

If you accidentally deleted data and you fear your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are lost, the deleted data can often be recovered.

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